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Right after Thanksgiving in November 2018, we fostered Duke (previously Cao). He was 10months old at that time. His owners gave him up to the local rescue. They mostly kept him outside on a run lead for most of his day.

He was nothing short of a train-wreck except for two things, he loved people and other dogs. He had absolutely no manners, couldn't be walked, not crate trained, he jumped and barked non stop, went to the bathroom in our house a few times and was a wild-man. I almost got a hernia from trying to walk him as he pulled like a freight train!

My son and I tried to convince my wife that we needed to adopt him because who else would? He would have wound up having owners who couldn't handle him and would eventually give him up or worse. She was on the fence about taking this on.

Duke could not sit still for more than a few seconds, he would pace back and forth. I can only guess he was too used to pacing all day, back and forth on his run lead.  I was already thinking of starting him on hemp extract, but held off since we were only fostering him. He would also cry and stare at the door if anyone would leave the house.

One night, which I think was on Day 6 or 7 of fostering him, he put his head on my wife's chest and sighed. She succumbed at that moment and we all agreed to adopt him. We knew he would be a big challenge (it was and still is at times).

We took Duke to the Vet for a checkup and spoke to her about hemp extract and her experiences with it. She was a fan and said many of her clients had success with it. Duke was suffering from traditional separation anxiety(commonly treated with hemp extract) and we felt it would help him calm down and adjust to his new life with us.

We also signed him up for 6 weeks of basic training at Best Retrievers who also trained our girl Star. Unfortunately, it would be about 7 weeks before they could take him. I spoke to our trainer Trey, and he gave us some tips on how to pre-train Duke. I know some of y'all might be against it, but using a link Martindale collar enabled us to walk him...it was like magic!


We started Duke on 20mg/day of hemp extract and began his pre-training (he weighs ~70 pounds).

After about two weeks, we upped his dosage to 15mg twice daily (30 mg per day).

He currently takes ~25 mg of hemp extract daily.

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