How To Give hemp extract To Your Pet

How To Give hemp extract To Your Pet

By now, you may have heard the benefits of hemp extract for pets and humans alike! One of hemp extract’s top applications for pets is as a method to help reduce stress and anxieties they may experience for a variety of reasons, and more and more people are choosing hemp extract over other traditional methods like prescribed medications or behavioral training. Once you decide to give hemp extract a try, the next thing to determine is exactly how you’ll do so. This post answers all your questions about giving hemp extract to your pet to help you get started today.

Common hemp extract Formats For Pets

hemp extract comes in a wide variety of formulations, including tinctures, pills or capsules, lotions and creams, vapors, and even as part of a food product. While the formulations for humans are plentiful and varied, when it comes to pets there are a few standard options.

Generally, hemp extract for pets will come in a tincture or a food-based product like a gummy or a dog treat. A tincture is a concentrated oil solution which comes in a small bottle and is administered via a dropper. Generally, tinctures are placed directly into the mouth under the tongue, or they are added into existing food or beverages. Food-based products refer to edible items which simply include hemp extract within the product. Gummy bears are a popular hemp extract food product, as are specialty items generally in the form of treats or cookies (for both pets and humans).

Administering hemp extract To Your Pet

While there are several ways you can administer hemp extract to your pet, there are a few which we recommended at start. Both methods involve introducing hemp extract to your pet orally, either in their food or water. If you’re opted to try a tincture you may choose to put it directly into your pet’s mouth, but for those of us who have tried to feed our pet something aside from their food we know this may not always be easy. Instead, we recommend adding the hemp extract tincture drops directly into their wet food or water bowl. This way, the tincture mixes right in with what they’re already consuming and they’ll take it without realizing.

 The other method of administering hemp extract is to feed it to your pet directly, which works best when you are offering them a hemp extract-based food product such as a treat or gummy. In these instances, you can feed your pet in the same was you’d feed them a treat (or maybe even a piece of human food). Simply offer them the hemp extract product, and you’re all done. 

How do you give hemp extract to your pet? Share your methods in the comments below!


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